You can have Anything!

You can have anything!

This page gives you an overview of the underlined philosophy that in our view, (from over twenty years of meditation and channelling it?) is where Indigo started and why it is the next step in evolution. You can read it now or move onto The 22 and start your evolution? As in everything you do, read and say… The choice is always yours.

Q: What would you say if I said you can have anything?
A: You might say… really show me how?
A: You might say… I know I can I just have to work hard enough?
A: Or you might say… I don’t believe you!

This is the most common and more likely answer?
However they are all valid and understandable answers to a fantastical statement!
So let me answer them all in reverse…

Q: Firstly: I don’t believe you?

Would you believe me is if told you that your brain While awake, generates between 10 and 23 watts of power–or enough energy to power a light bulb and that Information can be processed as slowly as 0.5 meters/sec or as fast as 120 meters/sec (about 268 miles/hr) also The old adage of humans only using 10% of their brain is not true. Every part of the brain has a known function.

World champion. Ben Pridmore A world champion memorizer, memorized 96 historical events in 5 minutes and memorized a single, shuffled deck of cards in 26.28 seconds.

So to recap Indigo’s! Anything is possible? Your brain creates energy and it sends electrical pulses through the body to tell it what to do, it even controls your heart beat. That is a medical fact people. So if your body is charged with energy then can you use it in another way other than to function, to just live and survive that this energy can be used for? Can we/you turn it into something more powerful? Change its vibration from expelling to magnetic? From just ordinary energy to Indigo.

Believe in the unbelievable and be limitless

In ancient times the kung fu masters and shaolin monks before them, used Qi or Chi (Pronounced Chee) a life force from within, In Taoism, Qi means air or breath; Qi is considered the basis of life. Very simply put, Qi is a kind of vital energy or force that is fluid and constantly changing form breath to breath, Breathing exercises used in Tai Chi aim to enhance the flow of Qi through the body. This has a positive impact on overall physical and mental health and is a great form of preventative health care.

The very foundations of Kung Fu are found the philosophy of Taoism (Pronounced as ‘Daoism’) Taoism pre-dates even Buddhism which has played a significant role in the formation of Kung Fu that was first practised by Chinese Monks who later established the Shaolin Temple.

Taoism Founded by Lao-Tzu (604-531 BCE) and recorded in the ‘Tao Te Ching’, Taoism is a collection of teachings for living in harmony with nature, other people and within yourself. The Tao (simply translated, ‘The way’ or ‘path’) is considered to be a transcendent force and the source of all creation, even the universe or as we call it…
All That Is

Taoism is about living within nature’s laws and in harmony. It is about recognising that everything is connected, that everything you do affects everything else around you. Taoists seek to live in harmony with the Tao and with harmony and balance to everyone and everything.

Shaolin monks practised Kung Fu not just for philosophy or self-defence, but as a way of life used it to benefit mental, physical, spiritual well-being.
Compassion, Humility and Moderation

The use of this energy or Qi, is well documented throughout history; mainly people consider Qi to be a real energy that exists in our world. So if the world believes in such a life force or energy that can be used for self-defence or healing, then why haven’t we, a modern thinking society made any instrument that can measure such energy?
The best demonstration of the use of Qi as a force was by the legend that is Bruce Lee, his demonstration of the one inch punch created dis-belief amongst all the western world, but to others proved that something more than just physical strength is at work here and! Is achievable? Indeed kung fu masters have exploited Qi power to deliver such lethal manoeuvres as the dim mak or touch of death.

The truth as we understand it is… That if you required an instrument to tell you that Qi exists at all? Then why would you need to believe? Have faith in your own ability? Believe that you have the ability to use it! Indeed if Qi exists and using Qi is a skill like any other skill, and if it is not a dark art or any other faith based philosophy? Then you should in reality be able to feel it? Using Qi is like an emotion that you have felt before it is like Happiness, Pride, Anger, satisfaction, Love, compassion, how you use those emotions during channelling this energy is the outcome you will achieve? Whether it is Qi or Indigo-Qi (Pronounced Chee) Qi = (Exhale) Indigo-Qi = (Inhale) In the feat of Qi-Ong (to break bottles, bricks or boards) Kung Fu masters would use the emotions of anger, hate and even fear to summon the Qi energy necessary and direct it from the pit of their stomach or as they would feel it their very soul, and power up this energy source like charging a powerful battery and channelling this power through their chest up into their arms and out through their hands to execute the fete! This central energy source, this highly charged battery could be indeed your very soul.

The legend of the Shaolin temple and its Shaolin martial monks was first born around the year 540 AD, when the Indian monk Bodhidarma travelled to China to see the emperor.

When Bodhidarma introduced eighteen moves of Indian Yoga to the Shaolin monks, it was to build their mental and physical strength to prevent them from falling asleep during meditation as well as promote the flow of Qi energy. The Shaolin Monks along with Bodhidarma soon developed these moves into the martial art that is now known as Kung Fu.

The concept of Yin and Yang explain that all things have two aspects. Both are necessary and harmony can only be achieved through seeking a balance of Yin and Yang energies. The force of Qi as a form of defence has been well documented as has its use for healing, many Chinese methods of acupuncture to open the meridians within the body to ease the flow of Qi energy into the correct parts of the body to heal, and they have done this for centuries. Indeed Qi is used as a force that can be pushed from the hands and other parts of the body, Qi has also and still used to this day as a form of healing, Qi masters can lay hands on injury’s and ailments to force Qi into another’s body in a positive way, this transference of energy would leave the Qi master tiered, but it was long thought that when The Qi master would use this technique on his let’s say injured pupils, they believed that some of that healing Qi would stay with them and that it would help extend their life. So this positive use of Qi was widely used by those able to practice it.

Shaolin Monks such as Lau Gar and Mok Ka used Qi to repel their attackers or as a form of self-defence in Kung Fu! But what if you could reverse the polarities? What if you could use this energy to manifest? and rather than push something or someone away or expel the energy known as Qi, what if we could use energy to bring something or someone towards us, to magnetise, to manifest! Well we can and we call this energy Qi. The Indigo’s energy.

The Principles of Qi

Now when we say manifest we don’t mean to attract or magnetise as these statements in their definition give you the notion of generally bring nearby? When we say manifest we mean? To Manifest whatever you want? And recognise that you have achieved that, no one else just you. That is what we are going to teach you how to do in the next few chapters of this book.

Now the reason we chose to discuss the teachings of Kung Fu and the use of Qi energy’s as a prefix, is that most of you reading this will accept that these energy’s exist and that they are usable commodities, you will however fall down in the notion that it takes years to master the use of these energy’s? And that it is beyond you.
Think again indigo! accept that basic truth that you will be able to in a very short period of time be able to use Qi (Indigo) in a very positive way and that it will enable you to achieve great things and open your world to a brighter future, for using Qi (Indigo) is like drinking that glass of cold water at the end of a long walk on a hot day, completely refreshing. And it is undoubtedly we believe something you have done before? And when you achieve it again it will feel familiar.

The principle of Qi is quite simple in comparison to its use, if to use the Yang of Qi as in the feat of Qi-Ong you are required to summon anger, hate and fear the better enable you to expel the Qi energy through your body into your hands to break a board, bottle or brick. So therefore to use Ying of Qi (Indigo) you must summon Love, kindness and joy to enable you to summon that Qi-Indigo magnetic energy to draw our desired object, person or life’s work towards us with added power. These emotions along with a focus! And single-minded determination to have that true reality, what is desired, disserved and an intention to have it without fail will supercharge your indigo energy and manifest faster than hard work or networking alone.


The most surprising thing about the Human brain is that it continues to make new neurons throughout life, the cells reproduce and want to grow in response to mental activity which takes the saying you learn something new every day to a new unlimited level. This is the most fundamental part of living and evolving. We need as human beings to learn, create, invent, and learning new ways of getting what we want is part of the fun. In the indigo evolution we will teach you easier ways to get exactly what you want? But there, and always will be; some ground rules to that. As you evolve into indigo and learn to Manifest you will be given processes on how different things are manifested? For instance, if you would like a new car? Then you will use indigo energy in a certain way that will get you that car, but if you want a new partner (romantic or business) then you will need to use indigo energy in a completely different way? And the same goes for finding your life’s work and in turn gaining a sum of money. You will be using indigo very soon and when you do, we will give you the processes and tools to supercharge you manifesting to an unlimited level.


Here is the challenge for you! The next time you are with a group of friends or in a group discussion at work or anywhere for that matter, why not ask that groups opinion of Qi? Then ask about Ying & Yang? And then explain about indigo Qi and ask the same group about Qi? You may be surprised that the people that you least expect, come to the best conclusions?

It’s all just energy (ain’t no big thing)

Q: Secondly: I know I can I just have to work hard enough?

Using indigo energy is not about working harder, in fact it is the complete opposite, and it is completely about being in the indigo flow! Understanding life’s and objects vibrations. The planet is full of energy you don’t have to work harder to get what you want you do however have to work, work smarter? And work with indigo Qi work with your own inner life force! Everything that is living has energy, a life force most of you will agree with us on this, but what you also need to understand is that everything created by us also has energy of sorts? Think of it like this, when you create something, it could be anything, it could be drawing a picture, making a pot in pottery class, you could be designing a new car for Ford or even Ferrari? The point is that when people make these things? Create, Invent, Build, they put their heart and soul into it, they put in love and take special care as if their creation was like bringing a new born baby into the world, and when it finally arrives and they let it out into the world they send it on it ways with love, this passion, this energy, this love, stays with that object, that persons creation can be tuned into, and you can tune into it using the indigo evolution, you can tune into that energy’s vibration, its essence, and more importantly the essence of what that it is you seek will bring you? The essence of that of your life’s work or the object of your desires is the most important thing of all, for it is the essence that you will attune to and then it will be easily achievable.

Fulfilment? Excitement? Happiness? Love?

Q: And Finally: Really show me how?

You see whatever it is you wish to manifest it must be for now at this point in your training, very personal! Why you ask? Well everyone has one right in this life and that is the right to pursue their own happiness. Work on your attainment of happiness, work on what it is you would like to be doing each day, find out exactly what you want to do, and what makes you happiest! For doing that thing you love is what will bring you the greatest riches! These riches can manifest in many different forms such as Money, Friends, family indeed it can be material, spiritual, psychological or emotional? But the best and most rewarding things to manifest bring you all four.

Get in the flow of indigo

Working with energy and getting in the flow of indigo is easier than you would think, indigo is a subtle energy at first and may take you a little time to feel it, but there are many things you can do that will help you get into the indigo flow?

Firstly Diet.
I eat healthy and I feel great!

Eating healthy always makes us feel better, now we’re not saying that I don’t have the odd treat or two but everything in moderation as my mum used to say. We have underlined moderation as it is a key part to life and living life to the full, you see we are not asking anyone to become Monks or live the life of a Kung Fu master eating fish heads on a mountain top or meditating for hours with shaven heads and praying to some deity. Things have moved on from all this. So is the indigo evolution, you can achieve your dreams and help other achieve theirs without this level of abstinence. But you do have to honour your body and be true to yourself, live life in harmony and when receiving something you have manifested share the feelings of joy and satisfaction with others. Of course you can have a glass of wine or beer at the weekend or whenever you want but everything in moderation.

This is a belief structure is like no other, there is no religion, no disciples or deity’s! Just you and your faith, is what will make it work? Faith in your own ability. You have full freedom to change it to suit yourself, change it to get results quicker and help others faster. But we do say this… before you can help anyone you must first help yourself, get yourself into that place that enables you to see clearly and help others with a smile on your face and love in your heart. To do that you must eat well and feel great. And feeling great will make it easier to fall into the indigo flow.

Eating good food with good company can sometimes be just the tonic that you need to perk you up! Eating well will help you to be more alert, enable you to see opportunities more clearly and read others emotions and decipher that which is your emotions, or just theirs that have been projected onto you? (I will go into this later in the book but if you wish to read more now then turn to page??)

Eating at the right times makes me feel great!

The right foods at the right times of day are vitally important! Breakfast, snack, Lunch, snack, and Dinner are a great as long as you train also. As is drinking 1.5 to 2.5 litres of water a day, (depending on your training and size) water is the conduit that enables energy to flow freely and that will get you into the indigo flow more easily. (For help and advice on eating the right foods and when? turn to The Diet
I Honour my health and with it come wealth
Above is an affirmation, you will see these throughout the process and they are to assist you in succeeding in your evolution. Some will stick with you and others you will discard. Repeat the ones that matter to you and make that daily evolution in mind, body and soul.
Prior to beginning the indigo evolution you should take into account that being healthy, having a certain level of fitness, and a decent diet, will! be an advantage, in life. And in everything you do. Therefore I urge you to consider the following…
Q: Do I honour my life by looking after my body?
Your body is your vehicle in this journey called life, so if you think of it as you do one of your prized possessions, it maybe your mode of transport? Say your car, bike, maybe your phone, your laptop or tablet? As these are your life lines to the world, and they need looking after, they need to be fuelled or charged? And you must use the right kind of fuel or the right type of charger, otherwise! they will go wrong, they will eventually breakdown and require repairing by an expert. (And that always costs!) Also if not regularly used or taken for a run? Again they will seize up and may never work properly again?
We have an old car sitting on our drive that we have had for over ten years, when we brought this car it was the best car we had ever owned, we got emotionally attached to this car it was always polished and kept very clean, as it sat there on the drive, we even serviced this car ourselves, new filters and new oil, everything we thought this car needed, we did. Except? Take it out for a run, now this beautiful car sits on our drive stuck! Oh it runs just fine, after we replaced the battery, it started up first time and the engine dose not skip a beat, problem is that the breaks are frozen solid! And the gear is stuck in park! So we can’t even drive it. We can’t sell it because forgetting the sentimental value now who would buy it? It would be sacrilege to scrap it, the wife and kids would go mad! We have even suggested that we sell it on EBay but no way the kids are emotionally attached so that’s not an option? So what to do with this beautiful car. There is only one answer getting it running again. This car, like your body is in a fairly decent shape its engine, like your inner energy, is working just fine, all it needs just like you is a little run on a regular basis and everything keeps working just fine. That is what we are going to do… ignite your engine and give your indigo energy and little run and once we do you’ll be on your way.
I love my inner self, and my inner self loves me
So to recap: Putting the right fuel in your body, is of vital importance to your state of mind? Drinking enough water each day, will give you clarity and enable you to solve problems at work or in your personal life quicker, also water is the greatest conduit of the body’s natural energy Qi (Chi and Qi) that you will find on the planet, not enough water or too much sugar in your diet will make you tiered and slow down, your journey which and always should be to learn through living life. If your diet is in question then go to The Diet for a no nonsense diet plan that will help give you energy and to enable you to move through the processes in this book with ease.
Now we don’t want you become a health freak! Well not totally anyway, in fact we encourage you after the first week in the indigo evolution, to go out with friends, your partner or family and eat at a fancy restaurant, drink champagne or a nice Chablis (we like this) Celebrate! Just think healthy food when you do, try the fish or the chicken salad, you’ll be amazed how good after just a week using the indigo program you will feel, and going out to celebrate your new beginning. just how good a fresh salad with a cold glass of white wine will taste? Just enjoy it when it comes, cos guys life is amazing and everything this planet has to offer food wise is, just so good for you…
Everything in Moderation of course.
I look after my outer self, and my inner self looks after me.
So here it is then the harsh truth? If you consider yourself to be fairly fit and healthy, ready to run? Then move on to page The Workout but if you’re not sure, (which you aren’t!) then try this little test…
First find five high tempo songs, songs that really get your juices flowing? You know the ones, take your time to pick them and make sure they are the ones that make you feel so real? (Sorry I couldn’t resist that? lol) now when choosing them please ensure that they are all around three minutes in running time. You then need to put these on a play list using your iPod, iPad or iPhone ect..
Now I want you to find thirty minutes when you won’t be disturbed? This is just for you and nobody else but you! (Oops I did it again? Oh and again) hey the point is, you can have fun doing all this just let your hair down, lock the door, play the music loud and dance as hard as you can? Put in all those moves you had rather you had forgotten and dance to all five songs take breaks if needed but attempt it without a break if you can? Hey it’s just fifteen minutes you used to dance all night once?

I am honest with myself, and with my evaluation of myself.

Fitness evaluation

We hope you enjoyed that? Ok now give yourself an honest evaluation and add up your points.

1. Did you have to stop dancing and the music before all five tracks ended? 1

2. Did you stop and have a break in between tracks if so was it more than a minute? 2

3. Did you stop and have a break in between tracks for exactly a minute? 3

4. Did you stop and have a break in between tracks for thirty seconds? 4

5. Did you dance through two tracks and stop for a minute? 5

6. Did you dance through three tracks and stop for a minute? 6

7. Did you dance through four tracks and stop for a minute? 7

8. Did you dance you heart away through all five tracks you diva you? 10
Done? Then tell us after or rather, tell yourself if you’re fit? Add up your score and turn the page to see how you got on?
You must be able to maintain this score and this must not just be a one off attempt that you put everything into only to never repeat it again so I will want you to score yourself at least three times a week during your training and for the rest of your life! Why? What we are going to teach you is nothing less than a complete lifestyle Change, a Change in your belief structure, and your health is important to that Change.

I can do anything! I set my mind to.

Did you score six or more? Are you eating healthily? But more importantly did you have fun??? If you did both then move on to The 22
By adding up the tests you passed, (i.e. if you passed 1, 2, & 3 then you scored six points)
If you’re not making the required score then I suggest that you try the I.E. workout and continue testing yourself using this fun method until you make the required score? You can always dance, play sports or use our specially prepared program by our very own: Ex British Army Physical Training Instructor turned personal trainer, Scott Hasson. But as always the choices is yours?

Now if you have decided to carryon and take the indigo path commit! Commit to a life of confidence and life of joy, a life of abundance, a life to help others. Commit to living life to the full without limits and without prejudices! Commit to this one life, this one true reality that will blow your mind and exceed your expectations. Commit to your life how you dreamed it to be and settle for nothing less.

Ready? Then this is the indigo evolution and like your true reality! It’s yours anyway you want it?

I achieve all my goals easily