Why Meditate?

Why meditate?

Most people want to meditate for a reason or want a reason to meditate? But the ultimate reason to meditate is to have no reason, to not know why? One should meditate, but just to feel that one should, daily. And if one does not know why? If one does not have a reason? Then, and only then! Do we have an open mind? But before we can open the mind completely, before we can ask the question why should one meditate? We as human beings must have a system, a system of primary, secondary and ultimate goals, and for this reason the Indigo Evolution meditation system has to exist? For the reason of not having a reason? And that not having a reason to meditate being the ultimate goal I.E. has to exist and be used, for we have to have a reason in the first instance. So the first goal? One must be able to attain certain qualities and bring them into your everyday life!

By using The 22 these qualities can be installed into you sub-conscious. They consist of patients, Focus, Integrity, Creativity and Confidence. And after you have become aware of, and installed those qualities, with them come significant thought changes and it is those changes that will change your outlook of the world, then you will find and fulfil the parts that you know you are lacking in right now? At that point and only then! When you have complete realisation, and awareness, can we begin to use those qualities that will enable ultimate balance? And when your consciousness knows this! You’re unconsciousness with help you attain these qualities that you lack, your self will recognise and your higher self will bring them into balance, using The 22 will facilitate this process quickly and easily.

When all qualities have been acquired then and only then, can we acquire total balance, holistically! To acquire balance one must bring all the senses into equilibrium, by using the quality’s we have attained this is now more than possible. We must! Balance the senses, not by dulling any of them, but by creating equilibrium within. (Equalise and Harmonise) and then you can heighten? Balance therefore is our secondary goal.

Once you have equilibrium, you will find that you will want to harmonise? This is not easy in today’s world; you have many obstacles to overcome. But you also have many allies to help you? Living in harmony with life, the planet and indeed all living things including Qi and the indigo flow, is the Primary Goal! Living in harmony is in fact simple? It is to consider in every situation the energy and planets resources that it takes to conduct the act that you are involved in doing. Always have fun, cleanly and that means without detriment to others, and live in joy, energy is attracted to happiness. Recycle everything, and waste nothing. Be considerate, always! Ponder and meditate daily and never stop giving. Your time, your advice, your love, your happiness, your hero. To everyone you meet, not just those who you think deserve it. It will be easy to discover those that are just taking and not sharing the Indigo flow?

Now we have balance and harmony can we achieve the ultimate goal? First to quiet the mind completely during these processes is paramount for before we can set the mind free? For our ultimate goal is to free the mind. To set it free from all psychological, emotional, political, knowledgeable and archaic thinking so that we can free the mind to evolve into, we don’t know what? Free the mind mentally and physically, free it, so that new paths can be constructed and we as humans can evolve. Everything can at this point be discarded and everything retained. You can utilise all that has gone before that is now required and discard that of which is not. You can if you want change the world. The way we teach the way we build our lives the way we live forever. Change is a great achievement as is discovery, discover the change in you and help other do the same. Evolution is why you are here and that my brothers and sisters is your ultimate goal.

So to get to the point of indigo evolution! We have some work to do; we have to remove the imbalance and replace it with balance, remove the greed and fear and replace with patients and love. Change is a funny thing, it takes courage and commitment. But even if you don’t intend to change, it will come to you, without your control? But we can choose what we want to change into? The person that we want to be, the work that we want to do, the life that we want to live! That as always, is your decision?

We can only show you the path; it is yours to walk my friend. J.