What is Indigo?

So what is Indigo?

Indigo is an energy that enlivens and heightens everyone that embraces it, it can help you self-heal and heal others; it is a powerful wave of ultraviolet light that lifts you to another level, it will help you supercharge your life! It will bring you confidence and positivity, success in everything you do including love. In fact love is the key that will unlock your true reality, your true life and your life’s work, and then you will see your true potential. Indigo is all around and has been for decades but now you can harness its power and use it to evolve. Change your life for the better and everyone around you.

Who are Indigo’s? We are the 0.1% of the planet that makes a change and so can you! We are highly intelligent problem solvers, creatives and innovators, we are stylish and cool; we have a heightened sense of awareness and the ability to sense when someone is lying! We are the protectors of children and teachers of their evolution, we don’t tolerate fools and cannot bear stupidity or those with a lack of common sense, on the other have we are compassionate, considerate and have an underlined ambition to live in harmony with the planet and all life on it. This however we find difficult due to the fact that we can see many steps ahead of those we work and live with, and this becomes increasingly frustrating for us. We are amazing lovers, can write poetry, songs, paint and act. We are confident and have faith in our own ability; we feel the indigo light within and use it every day.
We as human beings are all great, but being highly evolved and in the flow of indigo will make you even greater, we believe that the entire planet should have only one faith and that is the single one that belongs to the person who lives by it, do not confuse this with religion. Faith in one’s own ability is the first and only faith one should preach. Free will should not come at a price, but indigo dose! And that is a responsibility to protect and provide for one’s self and for everyone else. Nurture the children; teach them to meditate and always to keep calm and in control of their emotions in the face of all adversities? and most of all help them to evolve with peace and harmony.

Now having said all of that? so can YOU! Indigo is about having the right belief system in place that allows you to attain anything, gives you the fuel that fires your passion! and the drive to get those things and that life you deserve. Indigo is the next level in the human races evolution, it is the evolution that man and woman has been waiting thousands of years for. Indigo is here now! And you can have it, you can evolve, you can be all of what makes your heart sing, everyone on the planet has only one right? And that is to pursue their, own happiness! That is our right, the right of the planet we live on is to expect that you evolve, you take this one life you have been given, you take the food from the earth, air, fire and water that the planet gives you and use them all to help yourself evolve? That is why you are here. And that is what we Indigo’s are here to teach. I have spent over twenty years meditating and pondering my own existence and what I would like to do with my one life, I had children and made a home, had fun and lived, but always there was this burning feeling of emptiness, a hole inside that must be filled? And by pursuing my happiness, I realised that I will only be happy when I am teaching others what I have learned. So therefore I charge you with this?

Become Indigo, be happy, and change the world for the better in the process. for your happiness is infectious, your prosperity must be shared. Indigo’s share their emotions with others, Love is the key to everything it will release fear and doubt, it will enliven and open doors, bring new and exciting opportunities that will give you the vessels to create your ultimate true reality.

Being Indigo is doing your life’s work, self-healing and the healing of others, having Patients, Focus, integrity, Creativity and having the Confidence to use all of those five qualities and the sub-qualities that come with them to live in harmony to the best of your ability, INDIGO is not a religion it is an evolution!
Now you will see websites out there that give set criteria to being Indigo, but if you follow the process and are willing to better your life? Then the pages in this book will help you take the best out of Indigo and the ability’s and benefits that go with this amazing evolution.

We can only show you the path, it is yours to walk