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1.0 The Preparation for The 22

Preparation for The Indigo Evolution is key! So, in the beginning follow these instructions carefully.
The 22.0 Self is the base meditation, it is the foundation for all meditations and it is designed to enable you get in tune with one’s self, enable you to visualise, allow your Qi to flow easily, and put you on the path of self-improvement and personal success. You should investigate, practice and self-develop the following processes thoroughly.

As individuals, we are constantly distracted from doing the very basic actions and tasks, therefore at the outset, what we need to be conscious of is that every single thought comes with an emotion. With that emotion comes a reaction, this maybe in the form of another thought and then another emotion and then an action? And so on. So, is it true that this cycle is part of your everyday life and indeed everyone’s? Is it true that thoughts that make us angry bring strong emotions if we continue to focus on those thoughts! These thoughts escalate and make us even angrier? But in turn is it also true that thoughts that make us laugh and happy, seem to dull the longer we focus on them? Should this not be the other way around? That my friend is your first achievement. As now you are aware that angry thoughts get you highly emotional and reactive and with the reverse, happy thoughts emotions rescind, we are better equipped to control them both.

Most of us think feel and act, think feel and act, so is it true of you that for every action out of emotion there was a thought first? This is fine and has always worked for all mankind. But for meditation we must understand the process on a deeper level, as we will require a higher level of control of those thoughts, emotions and actions and, if we can do that, this is when we can get into a positive, productive state of mind.

The Universe and all that is, works with you and for you every day! You are a special person that deserves all the best things that life can give. Keep an open mind as you take the Indigo journey, and the rest will naturally follow.

We do not ask you to trust us or accept anything that we say just believe in your own ability, thoughts and conclusions. You may have some doubts, please treat them like a small child, who sometimes needs a little reassurance, and so every time you feel doubts, reassure yourself as if you were reassuring a small child. When you are feeling, doubt say to yourself: “it’s ok, everything is as it should be for me right now and everything is getting better and better every day! We are where we are, and we will get to where we want to be, every failure is just an opportunity to learn and every success a time to grow”.
They say that meditation is the key to all enlightenment and we will endeavour to teach you the art of how to meditate. There are many ways to meditate, the key to all is relaxation, and the first and only rule is you must be able to put yourself in a joyful mood! If not do not! It is also very important that in the beginning you have a goal that wish to attain. The first must be total relaxation and self-awareness, and the next should be clarity of mind and the ability to keep your mind clear for at least five minutes? Now in the beginning this is very difficult, not talking to yourself requires you to be mentally strong, but over time your metal dexterity will take over and you will achieve that clarity of mind like so many have done before.

Prepare properly, take your time and remember the following techniques! For as you complete each achievement and evolution that follows you will call upon this preparation and The 22.0 Self, regularly and probably for the rest of your life.

1. Water is the conduit of Qi it aids the flow of Qi and therefore we specify that your drink half a pint before the meditation and half after. We also encourage you to drink a half pint of water before you sleep as your body dehydrates during sleep so also drink a half pint of water after you wake, this is ideal for your flow. Drink around six to eight pints of water throughout the day to promote wellbeing and the flow of Qi.

2. Always be well rested prior to any meditation; first and foremost, always be in a joyous mood, for this we suggest you find a memory that no matter how you are feeling always makes you smile. Search for that one memory that no matter what your mood, whenever you think of it you can’t help but smile. Being in a good place before you begin the meditation is very important. If not, simply wait for a better moment. Take your time this is not to be rushed, for if we build the foundations correctly you will be able to build a skill that will last a lifetime and get you whatever your heart desires. Begin and become part of the Indigo Evolution.

3. In bold are your affirmations repeat them to yourself whenever required…
I am relaxed and have all the time I need to meditate
4. If a thought pops into your head don’t try to block it but allow it in acknowledge it before letting it go? There are several ways to let go of the thoughts that pop into your mind and you will find the best way that suits you, below are just a few of our techniques:

• The first is to wash it from your mind like flicking the window washers on your car windshield and let them wash it away, then switch them off again and look through a clear glass and after each thought you return your focus back to the part of the body that you are relaxing and continuing your breathing.

• Next is if a thought pops into your mind, acknowledge it and then just write in on a blackboard and rub it out with a sponge and re-focus, return your mind back to the part of the body that you are relaxing and continuing your breathing

• Remember if any thoughts pop in to acknowledge them and then float the thought off into a bubble and pop it until its clear again and after each thought your return your focus back to the part of the body that you are relaxing and continuing your breathing
Your first goal is to attain total relaxation, this is achieved by first putting on some comfortable clothes and nothing to tight or of a heavy material they should be loose and light. The room temperature should not be too hot or too cold; you will need to be sure of no interruptions whatsoever! Make sure the telephone is off the hook and your mobile is switched to aeroplane mode or better still off and out of the room! You will need a calm and peaceful environment with no distraction. If you live with others you will need to ask that they don’t disturb you as you will need to feel totally confident of being uninterrupted.

You will need to set aside at least ten minutes for you to be able to complete each achievement. We suggest that you put on some music of an uplifting nature, preferably an instrumental and something with no real meaning to its content, burn some Incenses or scented candles just to add more feeling to the room. We find that any scents such as rose, lavender or of a woodland nature seem to work the best for The 22.0 as we feel more at one with the earth that way, but hey that’s just us! There are no real rules to any of this, what we are teaching here are a set of guidelines for you to follow. If you want to change things to find out if they work better for you, please do so as within the Indigo Evolution as in life the choice is always yours.

As we take you through this method we will try to include as many variants as possible, now you will need to know how to sit properly and this is not as easy as it sounds. Yes, the best position is cross legged, half lotus or even full lotus, you can however sit with your legs out stretched in front of you or even in the V position if you find it more comfortable that way. You can even lay flat on your back with your hands either side of your body, (just to get you started) either way you must be able to stay in the exact same position for over ten minutes! We suggest that you put a pillow or cushion under your bum or head and try to avoid as much pain or discomfort as possible? A little discomfort is unavoidable, as that’s all part of the process. Now sit with your back straight and stack your vertebrae on top of one another, (you can sit with your back against something soft during this very first session). Hold your head up as if to look straight in front of you and if you are sitting cross legged or in the V position then let your hands rest gently on your thighs or anywhere that feel comfortable and make sure your hands are not toughing each other. We cannot stress just how important it is to relax properly! Relaxation is the key to a great meditation; it expands the mind, heals the body and soothes the soul, the way to achieve this is simple just follow the steps thoroughly and investigate them for yourself openly and often, never be afraid to make small changes as we are all different and it is extremely important that you celebrate that individuality at every opportunity.

Once you have taken the first step, the rest will easily follow; you may wish to repeat certain evolutions more often than others? This is at your entire discretion, as you know what works best for you. Being in tune with yourself brings you a sense of knowing when you require certain evolutions. This sense will come to you as this is the level of indigo you will attain.

Each evolution contains six achievements and an evolution, once you have completed an evolution then you can move into the five-minute visualisation for that evolution, these will take only five minutes a day, but you can of course repeat the full evolution if you have the time or feel you prefer to take the journey more often? But once you have set your intention and completed the full evolution at the completion of the seven levels it is not necessary that you sit it again, you will now be able to use the five-minute visualisations every day, and enjoy the ability that it will bring to your everyday life.

The indigo evolution is designed for the modern-day human. It is nice however to take twenty minutes to yourself whenever you can to complete the evolution. But as always in the I.E. system the choice is always yours.

Preparation for: The 22


• A pint of fresh water
• A good mood
• Pillow (for under your buttocks)
• Instrumental Music you can find this on our YouTube channel I.E.
• Incenses or scented candle
• Peace and Quiet (a few minutes undisturbed)

At the end of each evolution you will have an evaluation sheet. This sheet is an aid to help you measure your evolution as you progress through the system. Please see the example below…

Evaluation of The 22.0

1. Are you able to relax each part of your body in turn?

2. Can you keep a clear mind?

3. Do you feel that you are clearer?

4. Can you feel the Qi energy flow?

5. Do you now feel uplifted?

6. Do you feel more relaxed than ever before?

7. Do you now have a sense that you have achieved something?

8. Do you have a sense of well-being?

Don’t worry if you don’t tick all the boxes immediately or all of them at all? as everyone is different, and we are certain that you will tick these boxes in different order than the last person whom evaluated themselves and that next person after you will tick the boxes if a different order again, so be sure in your intent and confident in your ability that you complete the levels you will tick at least five boxes out of this evaluation.